Deer Drive for iOS and Android

Dramatically improve your deer hunting success by always knowing the location of your entire hunting party.

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Deer Drive for iOS and Android

The "Stealth Alert" feature lets you silently notify your party of a sighting. Simply click on the alert button and then point your phone in the direct the deer was. No need to type anything, the app does it for you.

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Deer Drive

  • For big drives with five or more people, it helps keep you organized, in safe positions, and in formation.
  • For small parties of two or three hunters, this will become one of your most important tools. By always knowing where the other person is, you can slowly stalk, and meander through even the heaviest cover. He might sneak away from you, but he'll bump right into the next guy!
  • Satellite Photography shows key landmarks such as roads, rivers, creek beds, lakes, or ponds, AND your position relative to them.
  • By pointing the app into the wind, you can designate where your scent trail will float and see everyone's on a single screen.
  • Got a BIG ridge between you and your hunting partner, no problem. You'll know exactly where they are.

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